We have one thing very clear: we must help our clients grow, generate coverage and make them more visible during a time marked by Millennials.

We’ve seen the impact that this generation has in our markets, as well as the need to reach an equilibrium across traditional and non-traditional media, the ability to choose the correct social media platform to carry a message, and the power that influencers hold today. Now, let’s take a look at content.

Content crafting has new rules.

Let’s remember something very important: Millennials are brand-oriented rather than label-oriented. They purchase based on what the brand stands for and contributes to the world. Millennials are demanding and are not willing to consume just any type of content. They prefer content that  provides additional value, has quality, is captivating and useful. With an interest in two-way communication, they seek content that is current, has interesting data and statistics, appeals to various areas, and is relevant, fun and educational. However, it must provide additional insight into something they’re already familiar with. It’s important to reach millennials through communication that isn’t centralized around a brand, regardless of whether it’s directly mentioned.

Much more than a press release.

Today, the traditional press release is not enough. In fact, a study titled “IBM Study: The Real Story Behind Millennials in the Workplace” recommends using “memes” at the time of communication. Why? Memes are appreciated by this generation. Brands who use them become more relevant by using humor and sarcasm for cross-messaging that connects readers emotionally. For brands on a budget, memes are a simple and economic way to create visual content. The point is to adapt to the world we live in today and to try to make communication as attractive as possible to effectively and directly reach Mllennials. This includes adapting press releases to more visually-appealing templates, making “Call-to-Actions” more impactful, and even turning a release into a video.

Millennials are here and they’re determined to continue making their presence felt. It’s up to us to reinvent ourselves in order to stand out.