The Story Behind our Delicious Campaign that Spreads Good Stories and Tasty Treats

At Prism, we believe that every brand, product or service has a story and that our skill set and experiences in the region, help us detect undiscovered brand stories that are worth telling.

For this reason, late last year we set out on a mission to deliver compelling stories with the help of a few treats from across the Latin America and the Caribbean region. We wanted to remind our existing clients – along with some of the brands that we admire – that some stories are so good you can taste them!

Through our deep knowledge and appreciation of the region’s cultures, we handpicked a selection of delectable and traditional sweets from eight countries around the region. We then took the time to curate their individual and unique stories and this was all too good to keep to ourselves.

For instance, did you know there’s an ongoing turf war over the Alfajor between Argentina and Peru? Or that the ingredients found in the Brazilian Brigadeiro have political roots that trace back to World War II?

Along the way, this campaign also reminded us of what we work so hard everyday to achieve for our clients; homemade stories really do make household brands.

So far, we’ve already visited over 20 companies in the South Florida area. To help spread our contagious love of storytelling and our not-so-secret love of sweets, we plan on visiting many more offices this year and why not yours? If you’d like for us to stop by your offices with a bag of goodies, contact us. We’d love nothing more than to continue to spread good stories and yummy treats.