Samsung – S6 Edge Plus Note 5

It Takes a Village to Launch a Product

They say it takes a village to raise a child and in many ways, the same can be said about launching a global product in local markets. It requires a lot of strategic planning, a great team with even greater ideas, seamless coordination and execution, time, patience, and perhaps most importantly, the trust of your clients. Luckily, we have all of that and more at Prism so when our client, Samsung, confided in us that the next big thing was on its way, we set everything into motion. For their global launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + and the Note 5, we worked tirelessly over the course of three months to manage all announcement and launch activities across four markets in the Caribbean. Beginning in August with the Global unpacked event, we traveled with key influencers from the markets and provided them exclusive access to this grand launch event; they in turn helped us generate the initial buzz needed to kick-off the plan. That was only the beginning.

Here’s some of what we accomplished:

  • Coordinated influencer seeding campaigns throughout the Caribbean allowing journalists, bloggers and celebrities to test the products and consequently share stories about the new devices;
  • Managed several successful in-market unboxing local media events by leveraging existing resources such as the Samsung Experience Stores to minimize costs and to enhance the overall experience;
  • Worked closely with Samsung spokespersons, who hand-in-hand with us, helped to secure the greatest amount of exposure for these flagship new products;
  • Collaborated with key media outlets in local markets to roll out social media campaigns and live broadcasts to generate additional buzz;
  • Executed traditional media relations initiatives including but not limited to various media tours, press release distribution, media promotions and much more; Generated well over $900,000 in PR value and still counting.

Take a look for yourself:

Galaxy S6 Launch

Samsung Galaxy S6 Makes Landfall in the Caribbean

What do you get when you pair a highly anticipated and innovative consumer electronic smartphone in need of a launch plan (throughout the Caribbean…and fast) with a team of ready-to-bat PR experts? Results.

We acted fast and devised an integrated public relations plan that included a comprehensive traditional and social media outreach strategy and a pretty awesome event concept that attempted – and thankfully succeeded – to emulate the key product features: bold, sleek, curved and innovative.

As a result:

  • The event was successfully and simultaneously executed in four (4) different Caribbean Markets;
  • 70% of invitees attended the event;
  • Generated a PR value of US$1,042,005 and over 250 news stories were garnered throughout the Caribbean;
  • Over 3500 mentions on social media using launch-related hashtags.

Take a look for yourself:

Wind Telecom New Image Launch

Strong Winds Forecasted

As the old Irish blessing goes, “may the wind always be at your back…may the sun shine warm upon your face.” And with the launch of a new corporate image, an anniversary and a new 4G LTE service for its users in Dominican Republic, we wanted to make sure that the sun would shine brightly upon Wind Telecom when we devised their announcement plans.

We set out to bring their new corporate image to life and help them not only celebrate with guests, but also inform them of all the exciting initiatives, products and services they were bringing to the local market. We worked hand-in-hand with them to carefully craft a setting and messaging that was perfectly in-line with the new image they wanted to portray in the market.

In the end:

  • More than 50 media and 100 corporate guests attended the event;
  • A PR Value of over US$700,000 was generated to help enhance their marketing initiatives;
  • We accomplished solid news stories and plenty of buzz on social media as well.

Take a look for yourself:


LATAM Product Launch Road Trip

Targeting multiple stakeholders in various countries to launch several new products is no easy task, for any company. The logistics alone can be overwhelming and nearly impossible to manage internally, which is where we come in.

Our client Lexmark, a provider of printing and imaging products and solutions, presented us with the challenge of launching new products and solutions throughout LATAM namely in Argentina, Ecuador, Miami, Peru, and Puerto Rico for partners, distributors and media. We immediately recommended a road show and began coordinating a series of several in-market events and managed all of the logistics from A to Z. We developed a unified messaging platform for our client and its spokespersons, packed our bags and took our show on the road.

In summary:

  • We managed a total of 10 events and reached over 1,000 people throughout the region;
  • Our events had a direct impact on sales for Lexmark;
  • Our client was able to focus more on the sales process and promoting the product, while we took care of the rest.

Take a look for yourself:

Galaxy Note 4 & Gear Launch

All Geared up for a Successful Launch

Act global and think local is the name of the game when it comes to the rollout of global flagship products and/or initiatives. This often requires events in multiple countries and media outreach initiatives and announcements to happen simultaneously and seamlessly.

For instance, for the launch of the Galaxy Note 4 and Gear, Samsung asked us to manage the local launches of these two flagship products in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago. In these cases, we employ an integrated approach to ensure a comprehensive announcement strategy with the potential to garner optimal results for our clients. This often involves the implementation of various tactics such as evaluation programs where we place the new products in the hands of influencers, on a rotational basis, and reap the benefits of their product evaluations. For this launch in particular, we also hosted media tours, coordinated radio promotions and ran social media influencer campaigns, among other tactics, to expand our reach.

Our combined and unified efforts:

  • Generated a PR value of over $625,000 for a total of 123 stories published throughout the Caribbean.

Take a look for yourself:

Samsung Influencers and Celebrities Campaign

Too Cool for School

Aside from being innovative, functional and practical some products are also pretty cool and it’s as equally important to tell that part of the story, as it is to show how some products work.

Throughout our planning process and whenever a product lends itself to this particular strategy, we typically map out opportunities during the year that are considered “cool” (for lack of a better word) and we carefully pair that with “cool” (but also appropriate) influencers or celebrities to test and consequently position our clients’ products. What typically ensues thereafter is influencer product seeding magic. We manage the entire process to ensure a smooth and successful implementation for positive results. It’s simple, yet effective.

Below are some examples worth sharing:

  • With a combined following of over 350K followers on Instagram alone, busy working moms, Pamela Sued and Glency Feliz, were the perfect fit as influencers for a celebrity seeding program whereby we handed them Samsung devices and allowed them to work their magic on their social media accounts by simply posting snapshots of life with their phones.
  • In a separate initiative and to prove that the Samsung LEVEL ON/OVER Headphones are cool, we worked with various celebrities, singers and athletes throughout the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago. They used the headphones and shared photos on their social media accounts with their followers.

Take a look for yourself:

APC Partners Incentive Program

Reward, Rinse, Repeat

In 2012, APC by Schneider Electric, a company that ensures that their clients have light in their lives, asked us to shed some light on their region-wide partners incentive program and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing ever since.

Year after year, they have counted on us to develop a robust event platform that provides a healthy balance of networking, information and social activities with at times over 100 of their partners in the region. We manage everything from the event concept to location selection to logistics. We are their one stop shop for destination management and that is something worth shining a light on.

For the past few years:

  • We have taken between 40-100 of their guests at a time to Las Vegas, Austin and Rio de Janeiro;
  • Guests have learned about new products and services during our business sessions but have also enjoyed hospitality events such as the Formula One Grand Prix, Blue Man Group and most recently, the World Cup 2014.

Take a look for yourself:

Product Placement

Show and Tell (and Demonstrate)

As it pertains to consumer electronics, one of the most effective ways to prove how a device and its features work, why it’s innovative and how it can make someone’s life easier, is not only by telling stakeholders but by showing them and in more practical terms, letting them use it for themselves. The strategy being that if we integrate products into the hands of influencers and outlets with high viewership, we can then provide high visibility for our clients and simultaneously prove that their products are marvelous.

To accomplish this and throughout our relationship with Samsung and other clients whose products are consumer-focused, we’ve partnered with some of the highest-rated TV and radio shows and leveraged high traffic social media accounts by providing them with devices that they can try for themselves and ultimately use to share product info with their viewers, listeners or followers. This has proven equally as effective during a new product launch cycle or even slow news cycles.

Below is just one example of a successful product placement initiative:

  • We partnered with Telenoticias in the Dominican Republic, which is also hosted by the most well respected journalist in the country, to provide their newsroom with All-in-One Samsung PC’s. In addition, we sprinkled their TV set with other Samsung products for greater brand visibility. Over 17.8 million viewers were reached over the course of eight (8) weeks and the initiative generated a PR value of over $2.5 million during the first year of execution.
  • Samsung products received praise from journalists on their functionality and technology.

Take a look for yourself:

Samsung Cup

Giving Back, One Goal at a Time

Corporate citizenship is a social responsibility and we find pride in working with brands that understand this. Naturally, when Samsung created a platform in 2012 to support the advancement of sports, recreation and wellness among the youth segment in the Caribbean by creating the Samsung Cup Youth Football Tournament, we jumped in headfirst to help.

In support of this tournament, which has been implemented four (4) consecutive times, we have consistently devised robust media relations plans that have provided visibility for the program through a 360° approach. From conducting media tours, to partnering with celebrities and sports players to expand our social media outreach, to coordinating media interviews for Samsung executives, to live tweeting; we have worked relentlessly to put this tournament on the Caribbean map and help our client, give back.

Goals we scored:

  • Over the years, we have achieved a total sum of over $2.2 million in PR value for this initiative;
  • The Jamaica Football Federation recognized the Samsung Cup as a best-in-class youth football tournament;
  • The Usain Bolt Foundation contributed to the Cup by providing all of the soccer balls used throughout the tournament;
  • The Dominican First Lady, the Minister of Tourism and even the Baseball Federation for the island, showed their support for this tournament.

Take a look for yourself:

Media Partnership

Partnering for a Broader Impact

Fashion blogs, magazines, a good camera, a trending topic, and a fashion extravaganza go together like hand in glove and it’s our job to make sure that our clients’ products are present in an effective and budget-friendly manner, whenever there is such a harmonious opportunity to generate visibility for a good product.

As Dominicana Moda approached in 20xx, we proactively and strategically partnered with three well-known fashion bloggers in the Caribbean island, who also happen to work with two important local magazines. To help enhance the experience of covering the grand, weeklong event, we provided each of the influencers with a Samsung GALAXY Note 3 and Gear and asked them to incorporate the devices in their coverage.

This product integration strategy:

  • Generated a PR value of $115,000 and reached over 160k+ social media accounts;
  • Helped to make the hashtag we created, #SamsungLovesFashion, a trending topic.

Take a look for yourself:

Reportero S4

Taking the Show on the Road

Roving reporters need reliable technology to get their jobs done fast and efficiently, everyday, no matter what. And one day, we thought, what if we tried to make their jobs easier by equipping them with a Galaxy S4 smartphone device and simultaneously help Samsung demonstrate its remarkable (and reliable) camera features?

We pitched the idea to our client as part of our annual strategic communications planning process and they loved it, so we did it and boy, were we on to something special. We partnered with one top rated TV show in the Dominican Republic and provided them with several Galaxy S4 devices and one hashtag, #reporteroS4, which they were to use in their social media platforms whenever they used the devices on the road or in the studio.

Then, results ensued:

  • In total, we achieved a remarkable one million media impressions, a total PR Value of $2 million and we reached 342,373 social media accounts and 381,000 mentions;
  • The product appeared on TV between five to ten times on a weekly basis;
  • Our combined efforts across platforms had a direct impact on sales and brand recognition.

Take a look for yourself:

Memory For Life Event

Making Memories with Samsung

Samsung’s Memory Division works everyday to make sure that its smartphone users (and beyond) can make memories with their devices and keep them for life. Coincidentally, we are also in the business of making memories for our stakeholders and so it began, our very memorable journey (no pun intended) of making memories for our client.

To position products for this internal unit which encompasses hard drives and other memory disks, we created an integrated concept called “Memory for Life – fill your memories with irreplaceable Samsung Memories,” a three-day regional event whereby members of the media, bloggers and product users from across the region gathered to experience a product exhibition and presentations from Samsung executives. We also hosted social events and coordinated water sports and other activities that facilitated memory making for our guests.

What did we accomplish?

  • We successfully managed logistics from A to Z. From choosing the Hard Rock in Punta Cana Dominican Republic as our destination, to the invitations to the guest registration website, to the product exhibition to the press kits and messaging;
  • In total, 30 media and 70 clients joined us from across LATAM to make memories;
  • Plenty of praise, smiles and a memorable program.

Take a look for yourself:

Samsung S Line

Big things come in small packages and that’s exactly what Samsung asked us to help them prove with the launch of their S Line of external hard drives. They asked us to “wow” the market while helping them demonstrate the portability and large storage capacity of the line.

We immediately decided that the best way to position the S Line and make a significant impact was to combine a very unlikely pair: fashion and hard drives. Our concept was to develop a modern-style jewelry show, where the models wore; you guessed it, S Line hard drive devices as accessories.

As a result:

  • Guests were surprised to see how compact and portable the devices actually were;
  • Headlines were garnered positioning the S Drive as an “in style” product choice;
  • Mission Accomplished.

Take a look for yourself: