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Our team consists of communications experts specializing in the various disciplines of the marketing communications field. Each of us have either lived or worked in Latin America and draw from our experiences in public relations, events management and media, to bring the very best we have to offer to our clients.

We Thrive On Challenging Projects. They Produce Bigger Rewards In The End.

Meet Our Team

Julissa Nova
Things that bring Julissa joy
Julissa Nova

Through the optics of a Prism, light enters the triangular shape at a certain speed and angle and leaves the Prism dispersed in what can best be described as a rainbow of colors. That is precisely what we strive to achieve with our clients; that when we support them, what is left is a rainbow of opportunities and a compelling brand that is full of light and dimensions of color. – Julissa Nova

Background With a knack for developing effective communications strategies that drive brand equity, a flair for turning those strategies into success for her clients and a background in journalism, Julissa is truly a one-of-a-kind professional. After 20 years in marketing and communications, the entrepreneurial bug bit her and when the unique opportunity presented itself she founded Prism Group. Today, this self-proclaimed workaholic manages a team of talented Prism rock star professionals who support companies from various industries. Having worked with multinationals and large corporations such as Banco Popular Dominicano, Givenchy, Pfizer Inc., Kmart, Apple, Royal Caribbean, Samsung, Infosonics, Verykool, Blackberry, Lexmark and Cannon – to name a few – she prides herself in knowing that there is an infinite array of possibilities for her clients and for that reason, she is determined to always hold the light to Prism.

Education Julissa holds two degrees, one in Business Administration from The University of Caribe and the other in Marketing and Public Relations from the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.

Core Competencies Marketing and Communication Strategies, Media Relations, Reputation Management, Crisis Communication and Managing International Markets

Marisun Ortega
Things that bring Marisun joy
Marisun Ortega
Account Manager

Today, I can proudly say that many of my friends are people that I’ve worked with throughout my career including members of my team, former bosses and clients. I feel that is part of my legacy and something that I am truly proud of. – Marisun Ortega

Background Marisun has a unique ability of using collaboration and inclusion as a tool for achieving success. By working closely with others to establish meaningful relationships, she is able to achieve economies of scale and cost savings with vendors, create a deep loyalty with clients and boost morale among her team members. She has been doing this nearly effortlessly over the last 20 years at agencies in both Dominican Republic and in Miami with Logroño & Thompson, Grupo Uno, Fusion Communications and for the last two and a half years, right here at Prism.

Education Marisun holds a bachelor’s degree in advertising and media from APEC University in Dominican Republic.

Core Competencies Event Management, Advertising, Strategic Communication and Press Releases

Limay Gonzalez
Things that bring Limay joy
Limay Gonzalez
Creative Strategy/Senior Account Manager

Sometimes I sit in meetings with clients or the team and stories pop into my head like daydreams. I can’t stop them and quite frankly, I don’t want to because that is my favorite part of this job. – Limay Gonzalez

Background Limay is Prism’s very own Content Orchestrator. With an extensive background in journalism – 17 years to be exact – she has the unique ability to walk into any situation and come out with various story angles for our clients. Together with the team, she works across various accounts to ensure that Prism is extracting every possible attractive news story for its clients. Her deep understanding of journalism allowed her to transition and later excel as a PR professional in the world of communications, which she has working flawlessly at over the last eight years across multiple PR firms in the region.

Education Limay has a master’s degree in management and corporate communications from Pontifical Catholic University Madre y Maestra and EAE of Barcelona, which she obtained in Santo Domingo and a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Havana Cuba.

Core Competencies Public Relations, Copy Writing, Press Releases, Crisis Communications and Media Relations

Gabriela Reyes
Things that bring Gabriela joy
Gabriela Reyes
Account Director

There is no feeling more magical than waking up on your toes every day and going to sleep every night inspired by your career. The dynamism of this non-linear and rapidly-changing industry is challenging, exciting and ideal for someone who thrives off of refreshed ideas, relationship building, and daily successes… I can’t imagine a more suitable career for my personality. – Gabriela Reyes

Background A natural problem-solver and over-achiever, Gabriela has spent the past few years honing her craft as an integrated marketing communications expert. And she didn’t just stumble upon MarCom as a career choice, she jumped in head first with an internship at the age of 16. In different roles at agencies such as Hill + Knowlton Strategies and Roar Media, and other companies like Royal Caribbean, Chef RLI and the South Florida Educational Federal Credit Union, Gabriela has had the opportunity to create and promote compelling brand stories, develop relationships with top-tier media, and lead successful influencer programs for a plethora of accounts, including national brands and non-profits.

Education Gabriela received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Miami, where she was recognized as the Outstanding Senior in the public relations program and the School of Communication. She also served as president of the university’s Public Relations Student Society of America chapter.

Core Competencies Content and Brand Development, Media Relations, Digital Marketing, Project Management

Yndira Rodriguez
Things that bring Yndira joy
Yndira Rodriguez
Business Development

I approach every brand and how we position it, in the same way that I would want someone to approach my own children; with care, compassion and a determination for success. – Yndira Rodriguez

Background Yndira has spent her entire career taking something that was either incomplete, needing to be reworked or created from scratch and bringing to life, its full potential. The way in which she blends her unique bird’s eye view with an operational perspective, gives her the audacity to bring a strategic point of view into everything she does while her project management background, helps to land those strategies into tangible realities. Yndira’s career has been an interesting evolution from analyst roles in marketing and advertising to product development to sales and most recently, business development.

Education Yndira holds two master’s degrees, one in business management with a focus in finance from INTEC University in Santo Domingo and the other in strategic marketing with a focus on communication from the University of Barcelona, where she also received her bachelor’s degree in marketing administration.

Core Competencies Project Management, Business Development, Marketing/Sales Management and Strategic Planning

Jeannette Rodriguez
Things that bring Jeannette joy
Jeannette Rodriguez
Creative Strategy Advisor

I think its important to understand first and foremost, what makes people tick. The psychology of it all, that’s at the core of any effective communications strategy and I believe, its also the engine. – Jeannette Rodriguez

Background Jeannette’s creative muse works on overdrive sometimes (whenever its not busy escaping her of course) and she infuses whatever her muse offers into her strategy work, content development and proposals. A senior communicator with a deep appreciation for creative strategies and a fondness for organizational culture, she brings over 10 years of experience in the Latin America and Caribbean region. Having worked both on the agency and corporate side, she has a deep understanding of what each side expects and needs and after having worked throughout her career with heavy hitters such as MasterCard, Samsung, DirecTV, FedEx, HP, and Ford, she knows what it takes to drive results.

Education Jeannette holds a master’s degree in business administration and a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication from Florida International University.

Core Competencies Content, Brand and Strategy Development and Internal Communications

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